William Gage Miller-MCPT, FNS

Awards & Recognition

Welcome to WGM Personal Training LLC!

United States Army-NG 11B Infantryman (SGT)

(August 2012-August 2018)


Sargent and Squad Leader in an Infantry Battalion. Certified in multiple weapon systems, combative levels, and combat tactics. Honorably Discharged for service completion in August 2018.

NASM MCPT (Master Certified Personal Trainer), FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist)

(December 2013-Present)


National Academy of Sport Medicine Personal Training and Nutrition Certifications. CEU's done to continuously pursue education.

Wins/Top 3 Placings in Multiple NPC Bodybuilding Shows


Prepped and competed in multiple shows. Divisions competed in include: bodybuilding, classic physique, and men's physique. Trophies are displayed behind desk at gym*

​​WGM Personal Training is built around; determination, dedication, hard work, discipline, & accountability!


I pride myself in always putting client first. I want to see every single client succeed because, as a client, you are the ultimate measure of a trainers success and failure. Period. You must create a supportive and motivating environment with a group of people to surround yourself with to ensure your success long term. I believe we have done that here. I love watching all the clients interact during their sessions and having a great time! I am so proud of how the business has grown  and cannot wait to see what the future holds!

WGM Personal Training, LLC


Founded: 2015

Owner: William Gage Miller

Certifications: NASM MCPT, FNS Certified


Areas of expertise:  Fitness, Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, Weight Loss, Blood Panel Analysis, Bodybuilding